Hi! I'm Anne.

And I'm looking for my next role. Ideally, something that mixes creativity and strategy with some hands on work. Open to whatever opportunities are out there.

Loquacious: tending to talk a great deal; talkative.

I’ve been described as “loquacious” for most of my life. It’s a trait that lead to a love of words, fascination with storytelling, and desire to understand what makes people tick.

I am a fan of quality conversations, dumb memes, cool tattoos, and Tom Petty.

I am passionate about people, stories, the smell after it rains, wandering the woods, wandering the world, and mental health.

Anne on a navy blue backdrop, wearing orange sunglasses and a black blouse, flashing a peace sign


looking down on a hiker, Anne, climbing up a rock face in the Adirondack mountains. It is rainy, and cloudy, with sun starting to shine. Some fall foliage is visible in the background.

My career focus has been in healthcare and higher education marketing, working with medical professionals and educators to improve the lives of patients, families, and students. Experience includes:

  • Social media (paid and organic)
  • Website managment
  • Writing: print, web copy, blog posts and articles
  • Layout and design, both web and print
  • Direct mail and outdoor advertising
  • Virtual and in-person event support
  • Client relations and communications

My professional interests and passions include working with non-profits and small businesses and community engagement and support.

Outside of work, my hours our spent exploring the outdoors, leading hikes as an Ambassador for HikerBabes, cleaning the earth as a Wild Keeper Ambassador with Keep Nature Wild, and planning my next big adventure.

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Personal Writing

I used to write short stories in the margins of my school notebooks. I would assign myself essays to write over school breaks - in elementary school. My favorite assignments in college were usually research papers. Now my personal writing tends to focus on my travels, adventures, and organizing the random thoughts inside my brain.


I'm always open to conversation, opportunities, and freelancing.

Twitter: @ayyynne | LinkedIn: @amvaeth
Email: AnneMarieVCom@gmail.com

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