This is just a sample of some of the projects I have worked on, there's more that didn't make it to the website including direct mail design and coordination, virtual and in-person event support and logistics, presentations, and research. Click through the presentations to see some of my work. I'm always happy to provide more samples and work if asked - just shoot me a message.

Campaign: St. Peter's Crime Victim Services

Role: Account Manager, Content Creator, Strategist

St. Peter's Crime Victim Services' mission is to reduce the incidence and trauma of all crimes through person-centered emotional support, advocacy, medical and legal assistance, and community-based prevention efforts.

Campaign: The Butt Stops Here

Role: Campaign Manager, Strategist, Content Creator

The Butt Stops Here is an award-winning tobacco cessation program. To expand the program and help more people quit smoking I revised their current materials and developed an out-of-home campaign, specifically aiming to target our own employees. The campaign focused on the reasons why people quit, pulled from actual participant surveys.

#PopChat Happy Hour - May 18, 2022

Pretty much everyone struggles with actually getting things done. We have ideas. We have to-do lists. We put stuff in planners and on apps. We pretend we'll actually stick to our New Year's resolutions. But more often than not, things just fall to the side. In a landfill of the tasks and objectives - both career and personal - you just simply didn't get to. BUT, I have a trick. Actually multiple tricks. And I have managed to actually accomplish my monthly goals every single month this year. Some smaller, some bigger, but all important to me. And with this limited time offer of just $0 I'll show you my secrets!