This is just a sample of some of the projects I have worked on, there's more that didn't make it to the website including direct mail design and coordination, virtual and in-person event support and logistics, presentations, and research. I'd be happy to provide more samples if asked.

CampaignsWritingSocial MediaDesignPresentations


I've supported brand campaigns - building out landing pages, providing support at video shoots, and creating social media content. I led these campaigns -from brainstorming to production. I strategize, research, develop, and produce content to bring in new customers, showcase new services to current customers, and bring awareness to the public.

A child playing baseball. Text reads "What is your reason to Quit Smoking?" I want to watch my son play the entire game without having to leave for a smoke break" Whatever your reason, we can help.

The Butt Stops Here

The Butt Stops Here is an award-winning tobacco cessation program. To expand the program and help more people quit smoking I revised their current materials and developed an out-of-home campaign, specifically aiming to target our own employees. The campaign focused on the reasons why people quit, pulled from actual participant surveys.

  • Out-of-home ads with the local public transit system
  • Webpage updates (layout & content)
  • Revised print materials
A father hugging his young daughter, face to face. Text reads "I got vaccinated to keep my daughter safe"

COVID-19 Vaccination

As part of a Community Health and Well-Being collaboration with Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science, I developed a campaign aiming to reach underserved and minority populations. The campaign focused on non-medical reasons for vaccination, aiming to encourage folks who had yet to receive their full set of shots.

  • Out-of-home ads with the local public transit system
  • New webpage (layout & content)
  • Organic social media posts
  • Social media ads (Average CTR: 1.7%)
An overweight woman smiling. A yellow background. Text reads "New Year, Healtheir You"

New Year,
Healthier You

With the new year comes new resolutions, and a marketing campaign around the bariatric (weight loss) surgery program. In 2021, rather than simply refresh our paid social ads and website copy for the new year, I shifted focus to a handful of programs that help folks with typical new years resolutions. The campaign included bariatrics, diabetes prevention, addiction, mental health, and a reminder to visit your primary care provider. I built:

  • Social media ads (Average CTR: 1%)
  • Organic social media posts
  • Website landing page (layout & content) 
  • Billboard design & scheduling


I used to write short stories in the margins of my school notebooks. I would assign myself essays to write over school breaks - in elementary school. My favorite assignments in college were usually research papers. Professionally, I've written and revised website copy, blog copy, magazine articles, brochures, and booklets. Need anything involving words? I can handle it.


I've written and reviewed health and wellness articles, internal news articles, business articles, booklets, and brochures for web and print publications. My writing has reached a variety of stakeholders: patients, donors, employees, and current and potential clients. I can inform, explain, and persuade.

Web Copy

I've revised and written long-form content for hospital services including crime victims support, diabetes prevention, tobacco cessation, primary care, and maternity. In addition to writing the words, I've been the one to adjust the page layout and make the content live on the world wide web.

Personal Writing

My personal ramblings and thoughts on mental health, marketing, and my own life. It's like a diary, but less private and actually legible.

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Travel Blog

I'm not wandering around the world to "find myself" or whatever - I'm going because this world is huge. It's full of jaw-dropping beauty and incredible people. So here we go.

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Social Media

New social media platforms seem to launch every month - I have professional experience in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Personally, I've scrolled countless hours on TikTok, and lost every Snapchat streak I have ever attempted to have. Social media is a fantastic tool for any business, whether you want to place paid social media ads or focus on your organic social media strategy, I can help.

Paid Social Ads

I create and place paid Facebook ads for campaigns, specific providers, and events. After incorporating videos and improving graphics, I increased our average CTR from 0.5% to 1.5%, including one campaign that went from averaging around 0.3% to 4%, without increasing the monthly budget. I've manged ad budgets from $300/month to $1000/month, proving to clients that you can achieve a great bang for your buck with paid social media.

Social Media Content

I manage the St. Peter's Health Partners Maternity Care Facebook page & support the St. Peter's Health Partners social media accounts, and St. Peter's Crime Victim Services Facebook page.  I've developed and supported social media pages for multiple regional non-profits - from initial set up to content creation, curation, and scheduling

  • Content creation and scheduling natively and in Sprout Social
  • Monitoring and responding to messages and comments


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